Bike Urbana - Rhino6/7wip/Keyshot8


Nice work, and like the high level of detail.

Thank you! First I made each piece individually and in the end I mounted the bike, then I put each piece here.

it looks very much like a rendering to me, but just to be sure its not a misunderstanding, it would be good if you would add a bit of a description and what you rendered it with.

either way, nice work.

good work
in terms of details I have nothing to say
except that I feel that it lacks environmental reflection and a little light
did you put an hdri environment?

Thank you! I simply layered the objects in Rhino and saved as normal, then imported into Keyshot and applied the materials and environment to render.

Yes, I used Keyshot’s own HDRI and the global lighting and didn’t apply any light, I have difficulty with rendering. I just like to model objects :slight_smile:

Hi @omarchagas
If you haven’t already watched it, take a look at Tim Feher’s excellent video on product rendering in Keyshot:
It’s a set of earphones, but there’s so much you can learn from this guy!
HTH, Jakob

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Yes @Normand, I’ll watch, thanks!