Big Sur V5 Macro Editor broken

updating to Big Sur, it looks like it brought some Hick ups along. i am not expecting much update for V5 but it would be still good to know if i could rely on it or if i have to rather downgrade my System to Catalina or even further back.

ok, I just found that Big Sur is explicitly not supported, but it is not clear if Catalina would work, any word?

Not sure I understand well…
Do you ask if Rhino 5 is running well on Catalina ?

Rodolfo Santos

yes, that is basically what it boils down to. i am on the brink of downgrading because Big Sur seems to me (and maybe for my config) the Biggest Junk i have seen Apple releasing so far. since this is a major task i would feel more comfortable if i knew that it makes sense.

As you’ve said, Rhino 5 is not supported on Big Sur. It seems the only suggestions are to roll back to macOS Catalina or upgrade to Rhino V7.



Regarding Rhino 5 on Catalina ( on my side ) it is running well.

I am using Rhino 5.5.5 ( 5F96) on a MB mini retina 12-inch, early 2015
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7

Rodolfo Santos

i did a while ago, but V7 has MAJOR issues with fonts, not supporting half of the well known broadly used standard styles (which unfortunately nobody ever commented on in a topic i beggingly dedicated that issue to), which disallows relying on it solely.
also does it not perform as well as V5, at least not for my set up and i read also for newer ones. but what am a ranting at…

i upgraded actually only because it allowed me to do quick presentations without rendering it saving some time. but working on it is not a joy as much as it is on V5 so i am afraid to be depending on the older version.

Thanks Rodolfo, in that case i will be now mentally preparing to down grade to Catalina.