Rhino 5 on Big sur - Unhandled exception validating license?

Does anyone know how to proceed?
I just bought a new MacBook pro 16" and the Big Sur OS might be the problem here. It does not like photoshop so I’m suspecting that is where the problem lies. I’m running Rhino 5.5.5.

Thank you!

Yes, Rhino 5 for Mac is not supported on Big Sur. You’ll need to upgrade to Rhino 7 or use an older macOS that is supported for that older Rhino version. See Rhino - System Requirements for Rhino 5

Try the 90 day evaluation of Rhino 7 for Mac on the Download page.

Thank u! I was afraid of that.

Just ran into this myself, now! Rhino 5 was working okay for awhile in Big Sur for me albeit some bugs, now I the license I paid for won’t validate, because Im on Big Sur? What a mess. Makes me think twice about investing further with Rhino.

Hi Brian, my license for Rhino 5 now won’t validate on with Big Sur. It’s also giving me an error saying that “Your License Validation Grace Period has Expired” What does that mean? and how can I fix this? I already own this “license” It’s not a trial version.

V5 is not supported on any macOS newer than Mojave.
You’ll need to upgrade to V7 is you want to run Rhino under Big Sur.

As John mentioned, v5 for Mac won’t run well on Big Sur and isn’t supported but your license issue sounds separate. Email Sales@McNeel.com from the email address you registered your license to and include the license key to ask about the error message.

Same here.
My copy of rhino 5.5.5 that was working fine on my M1 machine on Monterey 12.2.1, now refuses to save due to a validating license error.
I know Rhino 5 is not supported on M1 and Big Sur but, my copy is working well with minor issues that are completely fine for me (I used it extensively in the last 2 months or so on my MBP 14").
Since the problem is just something related to a bureaucratic aspect I would like to know how it can be solved.

I wrote an email to “sales@mcneel.com” and, at the moment, I’ve received just standard answers about Rhino 5 not being supported and security related problems.

I’m fine with the software as it worked for the past months on my M1 machine, I just want to be able to continue working (since now i’m stuck and losing money).

So, can McNeel put my license back on track?

In the attachment the problem i ran into.

Validating License Error.pdf (23.1 KB)

Found an acceptable workaround.

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@tnt_ can you share what that workaround is? I’m running into the same problem.

Yes, please let us know!

I bought this software because I thought it wouldn’t expire… for it not to work due to a macOS version (which isn’t a huge difference) is frustrating as hell.

A Rhino license does not expire. It will continue to be valid indefinitely. However, the software is not guaranteed to run on all future operating systems without being updated - that would be impossible to support. Efforts are made to keep legacy Rhino versions running as long as possible on updated operating systems, but there are limits. And Apple is known for making significant changes to their MacOS that break older versions of software.

@tnt_ please share the workaround if you can. I’m having the exact same problem. Rhino working basically fine for a month on Big Sur and now license won’t validate.

Hi all!
What I do every month is removing the .lic file in the folder
/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/License Manager/Licenses

Then, after restarting Rhino, I go through the licensing procedure as if it was the first time.

At this point I’m ok for another month.

Hope this will work (I’m running MacOS 12.2.1 on an MbPro 14" with M1 pro CPU).
I’d like to know the OS version you’re on, since I’m afraid to update and break the software for good.


still disappointed on McNeel poor behaviour with this problem, I find difficult to believe that nobody at the support was able to provide this kind of solution.

Rhino V5 for Mac is still supported on the platforms listed in the System Requirements.

Maintenance development for Rhino V5 ended shortly before Rhino V6 was released.
Similarly, maintenance development for V6 ended shortly before V7 was released.
The same thing will happen for V7 as V8 approaches release next year.