RHINO 5 for Mac and Mac OS11

I’am still working with Rhino 5.5.5 on MAC with Catalina. Will it still work if I update my computer to Mac OS 11. (Big Sur) ?
As a retired designer, but old Rhino user I did not update to V6 ans V7 because I have no more business work, but just personnal an leisure activities.

V5 runs on my two Macs that are now running Big Sur.
No serious testing was done for V5 and no bug fixes will be worked if there are problems.

I suspect it will work fine. but it is a risk.
Maybe hold off on a Big Sur upgrade for a while to see if other V5 users find issues.

5.5.5 runs on macOS here but I know of two block issues one of which is a crash. As JB said, these aren’t getting fixed for v5 on Big Sur. I bet there may be other issues too as it hasn’t been out that long, I’d avoid updating your macOS or update to Rhino 7 for Mac.