Big problem printing Rhino for Mac


I really have a huge problem once I want to print out my 2D drawing I’m not sure why, I can’t get the whole drawing line are missing very wired outcome once I click print.

im using iMac Pro
any advice !

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Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command post the results.
Maybe something ovbious will stick out.

Also, is this problem unique this this one file or do all files have the same problem?

in case you have a Mac OS prior to catalina, updating might help. the problem, if you are seeing funny mosaic on a higher resolution print for instance, was unfortunately never solved to my understanding.

maybe also show an example of what you are seeing, preferably attach the file exhibiting the issue.

Hi Mr John Brock,

Thanks for your prompt response.

How do I do that.

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How can attach file?

Maybe the problem from my imac!

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Email it to with a description of the problem.


drag and drop into the reply field

is there a way to rest my rhino !

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yes that is the mosaic bug, sorry only updating your Mac OS to a higher version will solve this


The Problem I don’t like the new ver of Mac OS so, :anguished:

me neither… but i found that catalina still looks ok and works to solve this issue. big sur … now that became uggly … :slight_smile:

the have removed the dashboard which is the most thing I love about it. :S

Operting system updates include fixes to bugs. We won’t modify Rhino to help work around bugs in an older operating system.

Hello everyone I Just figured out the problem and ALL GOOD RIGHT NOW, so where is the problem!

the problem is once I enable layout space scaling I will have this problem. so I don’t enable layout space if your having this issue.

I really appreciate everything who responded back to help thank you very much guys I appreciate it a lot thank you.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.42.56
2Eton court dem.pdf (38.2 KB)