Big file size/ lagging

hi everyone, my file size is 1.2 GB and it became SUPER slow … idk what to do and Im just done with 50% of the exterior.

(i cant even attach a link)

I don’t know what we’re supposed to tell you… why is it so big, is it the render meshes? Not using blocks? And is it huge render meshes as the result of just sheer quantity of stuff or geometry errors or inappropriate meshing settings? I’m asking you, I can’t tell from a picture of a black screen.

it is huge meshes along with small crystals on surface.

You can turn things off by layer (seperate each area to a different layer), worksessions could also be used there. The main slowness is in the amount of meshes being rendered, are these joined or individual faces?

oh will do! those are all joined faces but its not fully closed cuz the exterior isnt fully done

Hi -

For the parts that you are done with, you could extract the render meshes and, provided they use the same render material, join them into a single mesh object. Then either keep the polysurface originals on a layer that is off or in a separate file.