Better multi-version support for the Rhino Installer Engine

There a couple of small (but hopefully significant) updates to the Rhino Installer Engine included in the latest Rhino WIP, released yesterday…

  1. A little while ago we implemented compatibility loading for RhinoCommon plug-ins. One piece of the plug-in puzzle was missing, however: RHI packages.

    As of the WIP that was released yesterday, double-clicking on a .rhi file that includes a V5 RhinoCommon plug-in will install that plug-in for Rhino WIP (as well as Rhino 5 if you have it installed). The next time you run Rhino WIP the plug-in will be loaded and checked for compatibility.

    See RH-37840 for more…

  2. The Rhino Installer Engine will now also tell you for which versions of Rhino any given package was installed for. Hopefully this will provide some clarity when installing packages that are compatible with multiple versions of Rhino!

    See RH-37839 for more…

Hopefully these changes help third-party developers and users alike!


A little update to item (1) in the list above; The Rhino Installer Engine now runs a quick compatibility test before installing a V5 RhinoCommon plug-in for Rhino WIP. This should hopefully reduce confusion caused by incompatible plug-ins being installed (and subsequently failing to load).

Details in RH-40718

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