RHI installer - is it possible to control Rhino version?


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Is it possible to control which version of Rhino the RHI package plugin installs?
For example if user has Rhino 5,6 and WIP installed, I would like to install only for V6 and WIP. Could this be controlled somehow with RHI package structure, or any other way ?

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Hi @Jarek, have you seen this ?



Hi Clement,

I did just see it after posting this, but did not try it out.
Do you know if making the folders named as in the sample will result in the plugins to be installed for particular Rhino versions ONLY ?




Hi @Jarek, yes i have used this for a plugin and it installed only for Rhino 5 back then. I had only problems getting the toolbar installed and opened automatically.


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Thanks Clement - testing it right now… : )


Unfortunately organizing it in folders doesn’t seem to do much.
It always installs in all Rhino versions. (I run Install for all users)
I only have Rhino 6 folder in there…


Based on the Marmoset example, would you say we should ZIP->RHI the main Marmoset folder, including it, or just the sub-folders structure? Either way (I tried both), it always installs into all Rhino versions.



Since WIP was installed, I also get this every time I run the RHI installation.
It did not happen before in Rhino 6:


Hi @Jarek,

as far as i understand, the folder names do not control this but the rhp file itself. The helppage mentions this at the bottom footnotes:

folder names are not important; the .rhp files themselves are inspected to determine for which versions of Rhino they will be installed

Imho, this makes the example harder to understand. Maybe @will can jump in here for additional help.


hi Clement,

thanks - I don’t know how to control the rhp version - I just compile with RhinoScript compiler, while having all Rhino 5,6 and WIP installed. I am not aware of any controls that would tell rhp files which version of Rhino to install into.



(Dale Fugier) #10

Hi @Jarek,

Why is this important?

– Dale


hi @dale,

For a couple of reasons. Main one being I know my plugin will not work in Rhino 5; Obviously I can detect the Rhino version from within the code and stop it from running, but I would like to avoid cluttering the UI with the plugin icons and why have the not working command autocomplete? This is not very elegant.



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I’ve logged the wish.


– Dale

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