Best ways to use create solid command?

What is the best way to add more projections to the create solid command?
What is better to use solids or open surfaces?

I am getting pretty good success in building quick parts with this tool. I never thought it was this robust it gets me many times 80 percent of the way towards what I am after.

In a 3d object we have the top the, side view I found extruding them then using the create solid command works well, but in most situations I need that 3rd projection the front view and that is when I find either my strategy or Rhino failing mainly I can only use two projections to get good output.

I’ve been adding these surfaces latter maybe some of you have suggestions on how to use the command more efficiently?

The attached file is merely the outcome of my model made using make2d after using the create solid command, but it illustrates what I am talking about. If I try to add the cylinder shapes in the front view they always result in a removal of the shape instead of the addition to it. Also some surfaces extend too far because they need that front projection to tell them when to stop but I can’t get it to work.

Great work McNeel on this command it brings me back to the old days of real drafting. I hope you make this command even more robust so we can bring in three views and get a complete model. That would be amazing and maybe even have it work with hidden lines for the hidden surfaces.


createSolidQuestion.3dm (160.4 KB)

If you extrude closed curves you can use Boolean intersections or boolean split to make some parts of the object in order.

Hi Diego,
Yes that’s what I am doing now but only to add parts to the main part. This cool command creates a solid and works when Booleans have long since stopped. I highly advise it because it makes a complete closed model in one go where doing it in Booleans would be more time consuming. If they made it with 3 view functionality it would save tremendous time.

the createsolid command doesn’t depends of the views, depends of intersection of all surfaces, they can be in any position, projection, single surfaces, polysurfaces, etc.
If you work with single surfaces, and the command doesn’t work it means you have to extend some surfaces to solve or improve the intersection.

Yes I know but in the file my point illustrates what I am talking about which is much more complex than your example.
Thanks though,

you can make the exterior first, the interior ( holes, etc) and then sutract it. is not a big deal.

I’ve included the file to illustrate better what I am after. I understand I can add more features to the model after Create Solid is run but I would like to get a complete result within the command. I also know I need to tweak my sketches which I am narrowing down more but I noticed that in the file anytime I try to add the red shapes to the Create Solid command the command fails or creates holes instead of adding the shapes to the model.

Lastly I don’t know if you are seeing what I am seeing which is a way for constrained parametric drawing to work using this command but I’ll illustrate that in another post which will be wish for this command.

acreateSolidQuestion_ExampleFile.3dm (623.2 KB)

Hi Diego,
Thanks for your quick replies and help, I’m not really worried about the part which I can detail after the command is run like you hinted at. I feel that this command has tremendous potential and I am ashamed I neglected it for all these years. I see that it could be used for parametric sketching and sketch constraints where one could do changes to the model quite easily by adjusting the 2d sketch, and if using GH could be made even more parametric and editable.
I’ve uploaded the file with the shapes if you want to take a look its in a thread here.