How can I solid this?!

Hi everyone. I want to create solid from this hull but i can not do with createsolid in rhino.

how can i do that?
15.3dm (131.2 KB)

Since your geometry if fairly clean, you should be able to make this a closed polysurface, by selecting all individual surfaces and simply entering Join, or hitting the Join-button, which looks like two interlocked jigsaw puzzle pieces.
If you have Rhino 7, it also won’t hurt to run MergeAllCoplanarFaces, since that command cleans the geometry up a little, if that’s desired.

yes, that would be definitely a must on his geometry.

@a.mazloom72 you have quite some issues, you have kinks in these 2 continuos surfaces which should be modelled as separate surfaces with sweep 2 for instance. herefore you have to duplicate the edges and join the bow line (or however its called) then split it where they meat before you sweep.

the second one here is cleaned up with the command suggested by @diff-arch after you join.

here 3 separate surfaces

i upload the model,

also be aware that you are bringing 3 surfaces together to one point, that is not a good practice and could lead to significant issues depending on how you work further.

15_1.3dm (2.8 MB)

Your uploaded file is in Rhino 5 format, not Rhino 6 per the tag. However createsolid works here in both versions, giving closed objects with no naked edges. You do get some rendering artefacts on the transom, but merging the faces will fix that. Is that why you thought the createsolid didn’t work?

I think you need to explain that: there are many occasions when three surfaces come together at a point perfectly happily (the cube for example).

(And if you are referring to the point at the bow where the chine tapers out, then there are of course six surfaces coming together, not three.)


my terminology may be off regarding surfacing do´s and do nots, i actually meant that those 3 surfaces (yes there are 6 but that was not the point) meeting at one point create singularities at least 2 surfaces thereof, Shell, or OffsetSrf then for instance will not complete properly.

a cube has no singularities, all surfaces unfold their natural Control points without folding them into each other.

and i think its not just about singularities, it is that the come in at an angle and meet at a common point. you could in fact also have an edge of rectangular surface coming in at that point and the commands will fail, hence meeting surfaces in an angular way like here is not optimal.

I keep a copy of V5 as well as V7 and the V8 wip. I opened your file in V5, joined the deck to the hull and checked under diagnostics for direction with all arrows pointing outwards. That is what you would want to run ORCA or most other hydrostatic plug-ins,

All the best, Rob

thanks for your help. but this file is in rhino 7 and i have rhino 6.

I do it in rhino 6 with join button but it can not become solid.
can you help me more?

This piece of surface has problems, so it will not be able to become solid.

15.3dm (107.4 KB)