Best way to cross check my Licence Number?

The McNeel page that send you a licence number

upon entering ones email address has sent me my Licence number but a landscaping free prog for Rhino (Twinmotion) says its invalid and denies me the download.

How can I double check my Licence number ?

If that site has a database it checks it against, how do I resolve this problem as they have an apparent zero support/help link (as is the modern way of life !) ?


Email the key you have to and they can check it out for you.

If it checks out, then they can also work with the person in charge of the the licence find page. But, the Twinmotion offer, so it might take us a day or two to work thru the process to see where it is failing.

The twinmotion discussion forum also may need to hear about it at:

We will need to do some looking around over here to see what is happening.

Did you happen to get this resolved? WE made a few changes to the website to try and simplify the forms.

see the reply to the thread:-

it wanted now serial number not licence number, and I had to click a non compulsory can we send you stuff to your email address. then I was able to click download, but nothing came, need to install a games installer, correct login details were rejected, didnt get a password reset email come, it seemed to want me to be .us not .uk

then it got worse, with a 10 stage 9 maze per stage stupid game to play.
so dead end.


hey Steve hit the chat button on our website and ask for sales, they can look this up for you if you are not getting what you need from the license checker tool-

FWIW, twinmotion is not a rhino product and would not use your rhino license number to run…you’ll want to contact twinmotion directly for issues with their software.


I face a similar issue as Steve. I have provided my Serial Number in the Twinmotion download page, but it is not recognised. In my case, however, there is a part of the problem that I understand.

My licence is an educational one and I bought it while I was still using my academic e-mail.
In order to download Twinmotion, one needs to create an account with Unreal.
I could not give my former academic e-mail, as it is no longer active.
So, I gave the mail address that I am using now.
When cross-referenced with my Serial Number, they just don’t correspond.

Is there a way to go around this?
Am I even eligible for the Twinmotion offer with an educational license?

Thank you in advance for any help or ideas!

You can change the e-mail address associated with your Rhino license. If it’s in a Rhino account, you can do it yourself by logging into your account. If the license is installed stand-alone, contact to request them to change the e-mail.

Thank you so much!
It is a stand-alone license and I will contact the sales now.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

… And I am back to square one. :pleading_face:
The sales team replied asap, and it turns out that my current e-mail address was already associated with my Rhino license.

This might well be a problem of the Twinmotion’s site and, therefore I don’t want to waste more of your time. However, if anyone knows where I could send a mail to Twinmotion for this matter or any other step I could take, please feel free to let me know. Thank you!

Hi -
Are you really sure that you are using the Serial Number and not the license key on the Twinmotion site? It looks like that’s easily confused and they have it wrong on their own page here:

Also, there’s a link under the “contacting us” words on the following page that should get you to a contact form after you log in.


Thank you, Wim!

Yes, I was using the Serial Number from the start.
But the second link was exactly what I was looking for and I sent a message to the support team.

Let’s see, staying hopeful. :dizzy:

A small follow-up to the problem mentioned above:
I received a reply by the Twinmotion Support and my issue has been resolved.

Once more, thank you for your ideas + input!

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