Licence number

Hey there!
Does any of you know where my licence number is kept? I had Rhino licenced on a computer that’s now crashed, so I bought a new one, downloaded Rhino, but I can’t use it without a licence number. Unfortunately, I just can’t find where this damn number is! Not in personal data on my account here, nor in my emails…
Thanks for your help!

You were sent a license key when you ordered your Rhino, it’s in an e-mail from that date (if you remember when you ordered). If not, contact directly, they should be able to help you find your license key if you registered/validated it under your e-mail address.


you can call (206) 545-7000 for immediate service from sales-

Thanks Mitch, problem solved now. I’m confused: I was just mistyping license…

there is a license look up tool- here: