Covering final surfaces with grass what is best way for displaying this?

Which Rhino McNeel prog would be best at showing my objects with grass on them, (un-mown several inches tall) on an embankment.

I also need to do brickwork, ideally colours from photos of the bricks, maybe I map the actual photo to the bricks ?

also concrete floor and some structures.

anyone care to show me the grass effect with a human for scale ?


You could do this in Twinmotion too:

There are many effects with landscaping.

wow fantastic.
It takes me to two options, I donwload a plugin dead easy, then Epic Games.
not sure why I have to join a gaming site to get the download.

I login with steam , then decide to use the licence key option to redeem the download.
I retrieve my v5 licence key from mcneel with my Rhino email, using a method they Epic Games link to, I enter that Licence number and Epic Games says invalid serial number.

I try for the email, but It wont let me enter my McNeel email, having logged in with Steam, steam account is different email etc.
It didnt say only use a login that has same email as McNeel account.

I come out and go back in , enter my McNeel Licence number and again it rejects it.

There is no contact support or anything of the sort, (typical for such sites)

It should though accept the licence number that ‘be sent your licence number’ sent me.

oh well , sunk.

whats the fix to this ?

Where does one get support from for this Twinmotion when using it ?


@Steve1 - Can you send me your email to ? Point to this thread and reference my name. I have a team here that would like to contact you directly to figure this out.


You can download it from this link:

I have installed it, but it does not work. It is certainly half-baked plugin.

Flamingo plugin is not good renderer, but it makes good grass, shrubs, and trees. Grass and similar plants are called groundcover in Flamingo. The user has complete control over this groundcover (and other Flamingo plants): shape, number of leaves, height, density, etc. Unfortunately, these plants do not render outside Flamingo. The following picture is example of the Flamingo groundcover.

V-Ray can also make grass, shown below. I have not used V-Ray, so I do not know if it works well.
vray grass

Oh dear,

Scott, I have sent the email, looks like another aspect of this landscaper needs testing, ‘half baked, does not work’
Looked so good in the video.
Does it have a video tutorial on how one turns surfaces into grass etc ?


Hi, This is frustrating, its like having to play a game in order to get hold of this.

I try again and this time it asks for serial number, I enter that and the redeem button is still inactive,

the option of receive loads of guff is not an option but a must tick, though its presented as an option, which I normally dont want stuff., not to my domestic email, which I have used as I thought this was a pro site.,
ticked I am now able to download, no I am not, then one must install the epic games installer, so download and virus check it, run that and then…

I am currently faced with having to select which of 6 mazes, yes mazes, disallows the mouse to get to the cheese, against a timer, and there are TEN of these to do one after the other, ponder on anyone and go beyond timer, and there is no countdown, and it starts all over again.
Prior to this I had to select which animal was right way up., surely one captcha is enough, but 10 mazes against a timer, RIDICULOUS.
prior to this I had been told my epic games login was :-
‘sorry the credentials you entered are invalid.’
this was using my stored in my database of logins, epic games sign up details of email, password etc.
so I was using correct.
I had to select reset password, enter email and it was suggesting a .us address when mine was .uk

then sticking to mine I had these games to play,

I have not received an email, so unless I can complete 10 mazes against the clock with images that need following each maze round, I have had it.
after three attempts at the cheese one, and the images were too small to see it properly, I clicked the get another game circly arrow, guess what, cheese game again !

sorry but this is not in keeping with a serious prog for a serious prog.

So now what ?


Steve -

This is still confusing. The credentials are probably invalid because we cannot find any information about a valid Rhino license in our records. We can take a look at this, but we still do not have your information. Email, License Key that you are using.

You can email this to if you would like.

email sent.