Best way of dealing with SVG files in Rhino

Could we have import/export of SVG files ? Otherwise, does anyone have a relatively painless method of conversion.

I must be loosing it… iDraw export as pdf did the trick, but still be nice to have native SVG in Rhino.

You might be able to do something with Inkscape as a conversion tool but it gets fussy about DPI.

I agree that SVG would be a good import/export option in Rhino. Every copy of Firefox can read it, so it likely has more viewers than Adobe Illustrator.

FWIW, I find almost no commercial software for OS X that imports/exports SVG. I work on the Lasersaur project, it imports SVG and DXF but export-to-DXF is pretty much my only option with commercial apps. Sketch will export SVG, but I can’t think of any others that I’m able to use to generate SVG.

Adobe Illustrator does import/export SVG

I’ve tried it in the past and have hit a wall. I’m willing to try it again in CS6.

Open the SVG file in Inkscape and export it as pdf. Then import the pdf in Rhino. That is how I use Rhino for testing out the assembly of my laser cut designs in Inkscape. After importing the pdf, select the curves and use the command PlanarSrf to create surfaces. Internal curves will automatically create holes in the resulting surfaces. Then choose ExtrudeSrf to set your material thickness. Finally use the Rotate3D and Move tool to virtually assemble the parts.

There’s Inkscape:
…but it needs a x-style runtime.

Inkscape is free as in “free beer.” It’s quite capable, though they have been making some questionable UI decisions lately, such as to use pixels/dpi as a vector unit. For 2D vector (only), I preferred Corel over Adobe illustrator, though Rhino has some really nice 2D functions.

Still SVG import/export from Rhino, would be a nice feature.