Best format for exporting to sketchup and revit?

I love rhino and its my main platform but im gonna start to outsource my work now to people. Working in 2d with .dwg format should be fine right but i would prefer exporting a 3dmodel for people so they could do plans, sections, axo or whatever. So my questions are these;

  1. what is the best format to export a rhino-file to a revit-only user?
    • “” – sketchup-only user?

Rhino to Revit

Rhino to (s)Ketchup skp file?

I am a Revit user, and with Revit 2018 (and 2017.2) you can import 3dm files into Revit families, so you need to streamline your workflow so you can maximize efficiency.

Nothing is as easy as exporting and having it behave as you would wish.


Hi Ameda - Acis (SAT) or DWG for Rhino>Revit. And 3dm as well I guess, judging from the post above.


Thanks guys, kinda obvious answer really, I guess im stressed out for my finals!

This one has issues on Rhino 6… it defaults the units to English system, even Rhino is setup in metric. Meaning, when you open the Sketchup file, its unit is set to EnglishSystem. Anybody has same experience with Rhino to Sketchup export? Thanks