Bended panels

I have a question about the 3DGS plugin for modeling filigree structures.
Various research projects use graphic statics methods when designing pavilions or modular complexes. They use bent laminated wood panels that are embedded in concrete cast assemblies through steel rods.

I tried modeling similar bent panels inside a polyhedral structure with the F3D Bended tool (default node)

But when you change the lines in a node, the construction is not rebuilt because the lines from the point are oriented incorrectly, which are later converted to vectors and used to generate the normals of the faces.

You need to have lines on “all sides” of the node for the forces to counteract each other, but then how do you make the design more universal so that these shapes with these curved surfaces can be constructed for any nodes (kind of like pulling a subd skeleton over any curves)?

I may be missing something and misunderstanding something…It is possible that such bent surfaces can be built differently and more universally, but I don’t know about that either.
Generate 3D Form (18.6 KB)
Generate 3D Form (15.2 KB)

OK, let’s simplify the question. How can bend panels in this way and do it automatically so that, for example, you can bend surfaces at different nodes?

It’s a fail…

Bend 01.3dm (387.0 KB)

It is possible to use the fillet surface in rhino… but then its crazy to bend each node manually

You can join the solid, search for concave edges then filet

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I am not sure what you want. 3dgs works fine for me, and you can use fillet surface in grasshopper as well. (11.8 KB)

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Yes, it works!

Thank you @laurent_delrieu!

If for a set of nodes?

Bend (43.1 KB)

There are many things that will lead to some errors.
Your geometry is not the same as the first example
The square section are not aligned. What can you expect from filet here ?

In order to make a solid union you must have all geometries on the same branch (flatten the data)

Yes, should not forget that. It got better once I changed the number of nodes and type of connection

With other type of connection you’ll need a logic to connect one side with another. Surely doable but not with fillet.

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