Bendable linear light

is there a linear light which can be bend or make it to a curve light? it will be super useful for rendering!
what i have to do now is to use many short linear lights to form a round one…

yep, make a pipe, make an emissive material and assign it to the pipe-

you can do stuff like this-

roll down in that post to see the light set up-

yes, tried to set it as emissive material but the luminance level is not strong enough to create different scene setting in an interior project.

Both emissive and pbr material have intensity that goes well beyond 1.0

Completely enclosed box with curve + curve piping + emissive material.

Intensity 0.5:

Intensity 1.0:

Intensity 10.0:

Intensity 25.0:

Addendum, and for good measure with two colored lights, still in fully closed box (no world/ambient lighting)

you can crank that luminance level to whatever you need… try 2000 and back down from there.

thanks, tried to do so for some ceiling light slot, undercounter / shelving light slot with this emissive material and adjusting the intensity, but the effect is not as good as the linear light

Linear light is implemented in Raytraced and Rhino Render exactly as a tube with an emission material on it. In my opinion your own geometry with emission material behaves in more controlled way than linear light.