Bend twist strech scans


I’m new to Rhino and a ceramic artist and I want to import scans of an object that I create in clay into Rhino and then bend, twist and stretch them, take files in the process. Then 3D print these files in plastic. I will then make plaster molds for slip-casting in clay from the plastic models. This will allow me to show a metamorphism of form.Will Rhino allow me to do this bending, twisting and stretching and what tools would I use?

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You would, I suppose, import the scans as meshes. These can be changed with tools like scale, rotate, twist, cage edit, etc. Rhino can write a lot of file types, many of them suitable for 3D printing.

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You can absolutely do this, but know that Rhino does not add details to the mesh, so if you stretch or bend it will only stretch and bend the mesh as it is. What I mean by this is that you need to scan at a high enough resolution for your end result to be smooth.

The Norwegian Viking Ship Museum is one of my customers that I help out with difficult tasks, manipulating heavy scan data is one of them, and we have done stuff with Rhino that is not easy or even possible to do in any other software.


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