Importing 3D work in Rhino?

What would be the best path to scan and import a work like the this in Rhino?
I read the topic from Fliegender, I don’t know if it will work for this kind of sculpture.
Could I use Apple’s Structure sensor 3D scanner?
I am trying to find a way to work more fluid works like this digitally.
Thank you,

If you have a 3d scanner, you can use it to create a mesh or pointcloud from this object. Alternatively, you could just built a 3d model (mesh) from photos using this. The more photos you can take the better the outcome will be.

Once a 3d model (mesh or pointcloud) has been created, it can be imported to Rhino. Depending on the purpose, you may start to re-create a Rhino NURBS model from it using various methods. If your model just needs to be rendered or 3d printed, a mesh is usually enough.


Thank you Clement,
I will follow the advice