Scanning directly into Rhino WIP

Would it not be great to plug in your 3D handheld scanner from whichever company, throughout the world, and scan direct into Rhino?
What would the chances be of such a button next to MESH TOOLS appearing in time?
Only asking… the reason is that it is extremely painful to scan into a program that picks up the data/dots/triangles, reworks it and then one has to transfer to Rhino.

A bent penny in the wishing well…
Pieter de Necker

Hi @Pieter_De_Necker

Just curious, what is painful about this?

– Dale

Used that setup for some years. FaroArm - Geomagic - Rhino. Worked very well. Professional software for Laserscanners is more than just point cloud visualisation. There are many usefull tools to refine, join, manipulate, smooth, recalculate … scan data/point clouds/meshes,because it´s software optimized for scans. If you import a meshes with million of verts into rhino you realize very fast why there are special solutions.