Bend animation

Hello, I want to create a bend animation in Rhino 7. Is it possible to make the animation in Rhino and then export it to keyshot?

Thank you

for animations you will need to use bongo-

Do you know if I can export it in an .abc file or similar in order to have that animation in Keyshot and render it there?

Other options:

1.) If it’s a simple part & bend you can do it frame by frame. Bend the part in Rhino, export part into Keyshot & render. Bend further, export into keyshot again etc. Sometimes on a basic part like a plastic hinge it ends up being manageable.

2.) Alternatively do the deformations in Blender - mesh deformations are easy to work with and being able to adjust the falloff etc. makes it a good option.

you could also do that in grasshopper, not sure how that will work with exporting to keyshot, but i assume you could bake each position (frame) and render that in batch.

but since keyshot is a plugin maybe there is a way to render each frame directly in Rhino? or render with cylces? or just use a different app?