Bongo and Keyshot

Wondering if you can link Bongo and Keyshot together?
Trying to figure out how to render my bongo video in Keyshot

Hi @marissa.ravin
I’m sure @Luc can give the official yes/no, but from what I understand, there’s currently no way of getting animations out of bongo. In other words, you are tied to the rendering options available inside Rhino (Raytraced, Vray, Flamingo… if that’s even still a thing). I remember support for either animated FBX or Alembic export being requested more than once, but as of yet, there has been no progress TMK. If you want to render in Keyshot, I believe Blender (and export via Alembic) is your best bet. You can export both keyframes and deformed meshes out of Blender to Keyshot.
I would LOVE to see Alembic export in Bongo, so that I could skip Blender - I’ve never really come to terms with the interface (although - fair to say - it IS getting better and better).

Sorry @Jacob,
rendering is not my cup of tea. I guess we need @Joshua for this.


@marissa.ravin, Jakob is correct. There is currently no way to get the animation out of Bongo. For rendering the animation inside of Rhino any of the available renderers is an option. Depending on which version of Rhino you are using I can tell you more.

I had some issues implementing the Alembic export. Specifically with the NURBS conversion. Blender for example, at the time (and perhaps currently) did not support import of NURBS from Alembic. Houdini had issues with understanding Rhinos NURBS. This prevented morphing export, which is one of the primary reasons to use the Alembic format. Maybe you can expand on what types of animation you hope to export? FBX export on the other hand I have worked on. As the release of Bongo 3 comes closer you’ll hear more on that.

I wondered, are we talking about Bongo 3.0 or 2.0?

Hi @Joshua_Kennedy
I can of course only speak for myself, but I would be more than happy with “just” mesh support. Since animations - and especially morphs - would be “end of the line” in terms of my workflow, I have no need at all for NURBS support. Exporting based eg. on the render mesh would be great!

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I am using Rhino7

I think Rhino Render (Cycles) that ships with Rhino 7 is quite good. Maybe @nathanletwory can give you some more information. ProRender is also available from the Package Manager for free.

Here’s the tutorial on rendering a Bongo animation if you need help with that

And the complete list of Bongo compatible renderers