Hi! Everyone

ANIMATION. Ladies and gentlemen. ANIMATION.
I have Bongo. I am rendering with V-Ray.
I would like to reset.
What is the best animation software for Rhino and V-Ray? I prefer to work within the Rhino application like with V-Ray and Bongo. But…


It’s me again.
Rendered by V-ray and animated by Bongo. You can see on my attachment that I must to reduce the resolution and quality of the animation to zero.


Native with rhino, bongo is your only choice.

If you wanted to go 3rd party, keyshot pro has animation but is quite expensive.

Hi @sofermayer
As Kyle mentions, Keyshot has animation but is expensive. Blender is also an option, although the learning curve can be steep! This little product presentation was actually modelled in Rhino, the deformations of the frames made in blender and the camera animations and final rendering made in Keyshot.

Using Grasshopper you can do everything that Bongo offers and many more stuff.

Thank you!!! Everyone.

Pity the bongo hasn’t any more updates and upgrades. I am unfamiliar with programming, but it looks like It has excellent potential. For some payment too.
Keyshot is too expensive for my financial ability. And a great software like Rhino needs to have something within its boundary.
Mats mention Grasshopper as an option, this is interesting to me. I never worked with Grasshopper, and it looks like a new concept for me, Like learning something new from scratch.
If it is providing the same option as Bongo I will try to work with that.
My question is Grasshopper is limited with its option since it is not animation software. Or it gives a wide range of tools?
And how it works with V-Ray?