Tutorials on animation in Rhino

I have created my protoytype for a molding sequence to get my head around the steps I need to take in creating a silicone mold of a tricky shape.
I have also created the objects for the silicone liquid and the cuts to be made so they pull apart etc.

It would be good to turn on the layers a step at a time, move apart the mold walls, pull apart the cad silicone etc and record it as an animation.

Googling rhino3d animation I see mention of youtube from many years ago. Is there anything more recent to view ?
Is what I want to do filmable, interested to learn what animation can be done.


You should use either Bongo - Rhino plugin for animation or do it in grasshopper.

Any links to videos on doing this ?



Google it.

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Bongo tutorials are here: http://bongo.rhino3d.com/page/getting-started