Beginner's question for Kangaroo - (bending mesh doesn't work)

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trying to learn Kangaroo for the past few days by watching some tutorials, but now I’m stuck. It’s probably really easy;

here’s my file: (13.8 KB)

The tutorial is this one:

It works with Kangaroo (1), Weaverbird and Starling components, but if you know of another way to achieve what he does, please let me know! Maybe it’s way simpler in Kangaroo 2 and with newer versions of Grasshopper, but there aren’t many easy tutorials out there and I really don’t know anything about it…

So my problem is, when I try to move the anchor points around, the mesh doesn’t follow. (In the video that’s around 16:50) Nothing happens. It simply disappears whenever I doubleclick the toggle to ‘false’. Maybe my mesh and point inputs are somehow not appropriate, but I wouldn’t know what to put in instead, since the link to the example files of the tutorial has expired.

Do you have any idea why my approach cannot work? Or maybe even ideas or example files for something like this in Kangaroo2?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

I think you can play around with this attached K2 definition. (23.0 KB)

Hey, cool, thank you! Definitely interesting :slight_smile: