Help needed using points anchor in Kangaroo2 with target points?


Please note I that I’m not very experienced in Græshopper and never used Kangaroo2 until now :expressionless: Most of what you see in this file is ‘borrowed’ from examples found in this forum and other online sources.

As a part of an art project I am trying to make an effect that pull points on a mesh(a bust). For now I have done as follows:

  • Loaded an stl(could be anything, but it is a bust of Picard :slight_smile:) and moved it to the world center
  • Created a curve that is projected on the bust(thanks to someone in here for the great example!)
  • Divided the curve to get a number of points
  • Moved points away from the mesh

Here starts my problems. I am trying to use Kangaroo2, and the effect I want is for points on the mesh to be pulled towards the “moved_points” which I in my fumblings have used as target points in the anchor goal. I have tried projecting the “source” points on the mesh and wanted to use them in the anchor goal but I cannot get it to work.

I don’t have any issues spending lots of time trying to solve problems myself, but I’m more or less stranded here, and not many guides found online are using the anchor points with target option. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best regards

Pichard 11 (24.3 KB)
Picard.stl (702.3 KB)

Pichard 11 -Kangaroo Edited (27.4 KB)

Not K2.
Honeycam 2023-07-23 21-32-16

Honeycam 2023-07-23 23-54-10

Thanks a LOT Quan li :+1:Sometimes the hardest part of using Grasshopper is which functionality to use :joy:

BR Kenneth

Ok, I have had a look at it and it wasn’t what I was looking for. Let me explain better :slight_smile:

In my GH file there are some projected points that was projected to the mesh. There are also the “moved_points” that are moved away from the mesh. What I wish is to pull the projected points towards the moved_points. I do not with to change the surface of the mesh in general - only close to the points that were projected on the mesh.

BR Kenneth

Poor guy.

Pichard 11 -Kangaroo Edited (30.0 KB)


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WOW! :joy: Thanks so much for your help!