Paneling tool enquiries

Hi, I am new to paneling tool and I am currently having some troubles to create the exact shape that I need. I have created paneling grid via surface domain length for panel custom 3D at a later stage. However, I realise the result is not always as what I have wanted but I am not sure how to change.

As shown in the image above, there are two types of grid produced. I actually wish to create all grids as number 1. How am I supposed to standardise the grid?

Also, I realise the triangles created are curve in shape as highlighted in red in the image above. However, the one I wish to produce are in straight lines.

I have struggled on this for quite some time but unable to find the solutions. Your help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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Could you please share the file?
Also what paneling command are you using to create the triangular panels?