【Beginner】Mouse pointa flashing

My mouse suddenly flashed while I was working.
The blue circle remains attached.
I can not type numbers or operate tabs. What should I do?
I’m sorry for my bad English.

When I bring the mouse on the working plane, the computer is always read.

Hello - are you running Rhino by itself or with some third party plug-in? If so, which ones? Can you test another mouse and see if the same thing happens?


Hello thanksyou reply pascal.
I running Rhino by itself.
I tried using the other mouse, but the same phenomenon happened.

It is a phenomenon that occurs only while working with Rhinoceros…


Hi Keisuke- can you please try starting Rhino in Safe Mode and see if the problem remains? (In the Windows Start menu, type Rhinoceros and you should see an entry for Rhinoceros 64 bit in Safe mode). And, can you tell me what version of Windows you are running?


Hi pascal. The problem did not occur if we started Raino Ceras in safe mode !
The version of windows running is 10.


Hi Pascal!
I tried searching on the web with hints of ‘Rhinoceros safe mode’.
I was able to find various solutions there.
I tried practicing the problem solving method for that one plug-in software, and the problem was solved. It seems there was a problem with the plug-in software.
I thank you for giving me a very useful tip for me!!:joy: