Rhino big problem ? Please help me ? have my final presentation in 12 days!

Hello Guys,

I have a big problem: when i make a command in rhino, it repeats it continiously and i’m not clicking space or enter… it’s very disturbing to work like that. For example when i open the options and close them it opens again and again and i’m not clicking anything ? And i’ve checked my keyboard and mouse are fine… i don’t know wha

what to do ? please help me !! And is there a “regen” command like in autocad ??

By any chance do you have some plug-ins installed or even other software that might be the culprit. There was reports of a Chinese Translator or dictionary that was continuously copying things to the clipboard a few months back.

Has it just started doing this or has it always done it?

It started one month before but the problem stoped and now it’s back and worst than ever !
I have a lot of plugins installed, Eve sun, voronax, tspline, vray, grasshopper and tones of grasshopper plugins… I don’t know what to do ?
And the “regen” command ?

Thanks by the way to invest your time trying to help me

Hi ivo- please start Rhino in Safe Mode and see if the problem still shows up. How are you launching the commands, by typing, clicking a button, menu, or alias?



I’ve run rhino in safe mode and same thing
First i open rhino in safe mode, after i open my file and when it opens it opens the opening window again and again…
And for launching the commands, i’m typing and clicking… ??

i’ve found the problem, it’s my mouse… i have the new razor hi tech thing which is a very good mouse but it seems that it’s made for video games not rhino, i don’t understand why it won’t work with rhino and it works perfectly with autocad, if you have an advise tell me !!!

I have a Logitech mouse with the side(thumb) button. I had to turn the button off because I just don’t have a light enough grip to keep from pushing it all the time.

I’d start by turning off all but the essential buttons if that’s possible. You might be pushing a button that says “enter” without even feeling it. Or maybe it’s defective, but turning some of the functions might solve the problem.

Good luck

Thanks James but i’ve already disabled evreything

Get a cheap mouse with USB cable… Wireless mice on rhino are painful

Disagree strongly.

Yep, all of mine are wireless, Logitech M705’s, no problem… Except for Logitech’s drivers, which are buggy, but it’s not a problem with the mouse itself.