Beam opening in RIR


I have a dream…
I have an opening (void mass…whatever) and I’d like to find a way to cut all the clashing beams.
Here’s how I’ve imagined the workflow:

  1. define the opening objects
  2. retrieve the corrsponding clashing beams
  3. cut the beams with the cutting elements

it doesn’t seem so complicated in logics

question 1: how can I batch “cut objects” in RIR (APIs within C# or python are more than welcome)
question 2: which category (or family or technique) is the best to design a beam opening?

thank you very much!All the helps are really appreciated

Hi Massimiliano,

  1. What kinds of Revit Elements are the Opening Objects?

  2. Cut the Steel beams? isn’t it typically the other way around?

A similar post from a while ago, so somewhat relevant.

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Hi Japhy,

thank you very much and sorry for the late answer!