Beam Joints in a Truss Model and Galapagos Simulation

Hello i am new here and need help for my Bachelor Thesis.

i modeled a truss and trying to connect every beam with a hint. But it doesnt work.

Secondly, i want to do an Normal Forces Optimization with Galapagos. But i cant go further.

Thank you for your help i appreciate it very much.

The file is attached.
Fachwerk (82.5 KB)

Hi @michael.buschbacher,

I am not sure why you connected the vector into the loadcases input in the PointLoads component. This can be left empty unless you really want to create different load cases. You will then have the results for normal forces for all beams in the structure which you can use for your optimisation.

Hi Matthew Tam,

i removed the Vector but it fails. I think the Vector is important here.

Can you help me with the joints, because i cant generate Joints on every Point.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @michael.buschbacher

You must define your releases by IDelemnts

I changed your beams définition and adding IDelements to define releases and have a model with no extra hinge.

Fachwerk (45.7 KB)


Hi @michael.buschbacher,

the only thing that needs to be fixed is to remove the Load Case input.

Fachwerk (60.8 KB)

Thank you so much this helped a lot.
Can you also help me with the Normal Force Optimization by Galapagos ?

Hi @michael.buschbacher,

I am unsure what you mean by Normal Force optimisation. Have you looked at the optimisation examples on our website to see how the optimisation works?