Beam Annotation - RIR

Hi Guys,

Do we have an available RIR for tagging beams, say the end tags?


Hey @sketzjewel ,

Don’t you already get that automated through the Revit UI (Beam Annotations), where you can annotate Beam (start, middle or ends), or are you after something different?

Thanks Mohamed, we know that but l am looking for something that could be done in RIR at the same time supplying the value of it using grasshopper and excel, thanks.

So, what you can do is add a shared parameter to your structural framing families, create a structural framing annotation tag that labels that shared parameter and make sure it is set to rotate with component, fill the parameter values for each beam using grasshopper and excel as you need, and then use the beam annotation tool to place the beam tag you created… is that what you are after?!

If not maybe you can show a quick manual method of what you are trying to achieve using the revit ui, so I can try and help better.

Hi Mohamed,
Yes, I need a component to create a tag using RIR but for filling up the values for the parameters, you have already sort this from my other posted topic. I am wondering if there is a beam tag custom component that is already available, thanks.

You can check Japhy’s post below about element tagging… I have been using it for tagging multiple elements but did not try it for beams…