Setting up Beam Direction

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Good day, when I generated the Revit beam using RIR definition, my start and end of beam are not in order and as much as possible I would like to set a proper arrangement of it so that end detail tagging will be easy? and next question will be, can I fill-in the end detail parameter using an excel to automate this process? eg. say all my start of beam will be WIP and then all my end beam will be MEP.


The Add Beam uses a curve, how are you generating the curve?

What parameter are you referring to? Short answer is yes, you can fill out parameters per structured data; csv, lists, excel, …

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for a quick response, I am using a grasshopper curve and plug it to Add beam in order create my beam but I need to dictate the order arrangement of my start and end of beam in which includes setting up the direction, second will be identifying the local location of each start and end of beam so that I can easily pick-up the location of some unidentical start and end detail tag, as we all know in the design not all end beam connections will be the same, some of them could be a bespoke connection.
The third one will be using an excel data to feed in the correct tag end in order to automate this process, in our family we have an added parameter for the start and end, thanks Japhy.

So the beam direction depends on the start and end points of the curve and as such you can flip the input curve as needed to specify the start and end of a beam inside Revit… hope the below will clarify and “Lunchbox” was used for the excel reader.

BeamDirection_Tag (24.8 KB)

That’s a better solution than the native Beam Annotations

Hi Mohamed, that is awesome! would you mind sharing your excel as I need to connect from your script? thanks

Cannot upload the excel so here is an image of what’s in it.


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Thank you Mohamed! cheers.