Batch rendering with different environment settings

Is it possible to Batch Render in Flamingo with different environment settings based on individual viewports? We would like to change the Sun location for different viewports. We do not have Render Farm capabilities.

Unfortunately the _Sun and _Sunlight commands cannot be run from within macros by suppressing the dialog using _-Sun or _-Sunlight, if this would be possible it might be doable to change the sun position using a simple macro combination, then use _SaveRenderWindowAs, _CloseRenderWindow etc. ( @andy do you see this ? )

However, Rhino has got a built in Animation toolbar offering the commands _SetOneDaySunAnimation and _SetSeasonalSunAnimation which may be usable to change the sun location for sun studies. I´m not shure but if the capture method is set to “RenderFull” and Flamingo is the current Render plugin, it might run.

Apart from this the RDK (included in Rhino 5) does have a scripting object which may be used to control the sun position if you´re familiar with vbScript.


I am a very basic user and trying to render some environment, at some views I want the Sun to be at different Azimuth and Altitude to get a better render. For now I am doing one view at a time. Is there a easy way other than macros and RDK ?