Batch copy/monitor door and window categories in Revit and other issues

Dear all,

1.Is it possible to add new categories into Coordination Settings for batch copy/monitoring??
2. Can the component “Element Curve” read the boundary-type?(Walls, Floors etc) because It looks like it’s could be used for “curve”(Columns and Beam etc ) but it’s not possible when I use it into boundary, any further idea?


Hi Jay,

The copy monitor categories are fixed to the defaults and has limited api access.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. A wall will cast to a curve, if that helps. Can you elaborate? Thanks.

Hi Japhy,
In my case, I would like to create a function for cutting all elements like a cake because the construction join in the project. I hope it would easily split all elements by a way.
If there are structural framing(Curve-Type), it work well.

If there are Floors(Boundary-Type), It can’t not read the boundary.

You could also download the definition for your reference.

Thank you replying all mine articles. =))
Cutting a (20.8 KB)

Hi Jay, You can use the Host Boundary Profile to get the Floor Boundary.

Do note that if there are openings it can be more complex and you will want to get the Host Face - Top and extract the curves.

I would also recommend combining filters vs using the list item like you have in your example. The list item index [?] is going to change as the list gets bigger or smaller.

You are right, it make sense. =))

The other question is:
How to use elements host?

Hi Jay,

From the Revit API documentation “If the instance is contained within another element, this property returns the containing element.”

A good example is a Window, if put into the Element Host Component returns the walls.

Hi, Japhy,

Thank your tips. Got it.