Element Curve doesn't return Floor Boundary

Hi everyone,

I have realized there was a node for Element Curves. Looks like it gives the curve of given elements. But it doesn’t work with floors or rooms. I though I would get the floor boundary if I connect a floor as an input. Is this the expected behaviour? Can we make it like so it gives us the boundary of sketch elements.

I would expect the floor to cast to a curve as well, currently they are available as element dependents.

If you modify the floor it get more complicated and returns the boundary, not the creases. See this post RiR slab shape creases - #4 by Japhy

The rooms are more complex as well and have to go through the Analyse Spatial Element component Ehsan posted on the Guide.

No single solution for casting to curves on these elements unfortunately.

Hmm, got it. I already use Host Boundary and Analyse Spatial Element to get the boundaries of floors rooms etc. I thought this was a use case for Element Curve.
thnks @Japhy

yeah, getting the Second or Third Tier castings into one component for all Elements is going to take some time.