Edit Boundary with Rhino inside Revit

I am doing a ceiling desing for a project. It seems RiR doesn’t have a “Build Ceiling” component for this system category to create a native element. It makes me think if there is a way to import the curves generated from GH directly as the boundary line for a ceiling type.

The BIM standard for this project is strict, so I am not allowed to do Direct Shape or Generic Model as a container. I know life will be easier in that way.

As of the date of the posting of this response the Revit API does not allow Ceilings to be created and the Revit API does not allow edits of boundaries of existing System Families. Can't create new ceiling by Revit API | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

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Yeah, it seems to be a historical problems.

Support for editing boundary-type elements has been added in Revit 2022. I haven’t fully looked at the api yet but I’m sure we can create ceilings and other elements soon

That is a very good news!

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