Basic form for adaptive components

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Greetings colleagues!

The definition in the Grasshopper should allow for solid placement of adaptive components, but as you can see in the preview, there are gaps. What are the options for solving this problem?

Here’s a version with no Revit Components in the file

100 4 Forum-No Revit (19.0 KB)

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Вадим ТВ, You may need to be more clear on what you are trying to achieve, is this the final from or is it flexible? Grasshopper users aren’t going to know an adaptive component is.

Point order being the most challenging aspect due to the various directions of the panels.

Yes this is flexible form depending on educational project data

To get the best help try and narrow it down to specific issues with example files. If you are asking for help on the Grasshopper forum remember that most have never opened Revit.

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