Base map as material

Hi, For an urban design project I am looking to use have map information used as a texture on a mesh surface. Base map is a TIFF, but could be a smaller jpg.
I cannot get it to scale and align very easily. Photos below.

Or perhaps there is a better way?

  • I also tried Projecting from .dwg map data onto the mesh, but this takes too long to process (highly complex).

The model includes building height and topo data (converted from DMT point cloud to mesh) - this is from Digimap OS in the UK. It is geolocated in the model space.

any suggestions?
Many thanks

Hello - Very possibly the coordinates are very large, which degrades precision - the images do not tell me much - use EvaluatePt and snap to an object to get an idea where these are in the world space.


Hi Pascal,
thank you,

They were brought in at the survey co-ordinates, but then moved to 0,0 once imported all separate data sets. I checked with EvaluatePt centre of map is at 0,0, going out 400m to edges

@JLucas , after moving your mesh maybe reapply a planar mapping to ensure the UV coordinates are correct.

If that still doesn’t work please share your file. If you don’t want to do that here on the forum you can use our upload tool at Rhino - Upload to Support to share it with us confidentially. I have prefilled my address so that I get automatically notified when the upload is ready for me to check.

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