Barrel Vault?


How would one model a barrel vault or any type of vault with VisualArq?


Hi Filipe,
There are multiple ways to achieve this, and not necessarily using VisualARQ. You can just use Rhino tools to extrude an arc and offset it. Later on you can use VisualARQ to add section attributes to the geometry (so it will show up nicely in plan and section views), or tag it as a roof, if you need to export that to IFC.

If you want to create it as a VisualARQ roof, you can use the option to create roofs from surfaces, but in this case make sure you choose a polysurface and not an extrusion (in case you try it with the extrusion of the arc. You just need to explode the extrusion first).

You can also use a VisualARQ roof created from a GH style. Find attached the .val of it (zipped) (need to run the vaStylesImport command to load it into your project). The main advantage is that you will be able to change its parameters very quickly:Barrel (20.7 KB)


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Thanks! I was having a hard time with that roof surface command not taking the extrusion. Cheers,