Curved roof

I am designing and building a holiday home in the mountains. i like to make it disappear in the hilly grounds and build a green roof. in order to complete the design i have created a curved ‘surface’ but have not found a way to turn it into a VA roof. The program asks for ‘planar’. I am using version 5.

is there a solution?


Hi @bertel, what VisualARQ version are you using? You can create roofs from surfaces, including “curved” surfaces.

Why do you need to convert it into a VisualARQ roof? You can also generate it as polysurface and assign section attributes to it, give it the ifcRoof category for exporting to IFC purposes, list the polysurface in tables…

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Hi Francesc,

Thanks. Works. Was struggling between machines and version. Is a Breeze in rhino6