Bake Multiple Objects to IFC


I am trying to export multiple objects with parameters at ones to Rhino from Grasshopper, and was wandering if there is any way to do this?

I have tried to use Object Bake for the LunchBox plug inn, but then I lose all of the parameters I have set to the objects. I have also tied to use Visual ARQ Object node, so that I only have one node to bake from. But I just get an error that it fails to convert brep to block.


Hi Anders, Have you tried the IFC Tag component ? (under VisualARQ > D.Generics > IFC Tag). You can connect there the geometry with the assigned parameters. Take into account that VisualARQ objects (except the “Element” object) don’t need to get an ifc category assigned, since they will be exported to IFC as the object type they are.
If you get an error with some GH definition, please share it here or send it us to

PD: Object Bake component of Lunchbox is not fully compatible with VisualARQ components.

Hi Francesc

I have tried using IFC tag option. The problem is that there are only 2 tag for electrical and acording to this :
element is no longer a valid tag, so i am left with only Distribution point.

I am also trying to cluster components so it will be easier for my colleagues to use them, but as of now the only way I have been able to bake is by right clicking Set Property. I have tried to add an Object after, but for some reason it is not a valid.