Baking to child layer

I’m using Elefront for baking objects, but haven’t figured it out how to create multiple child layers to single parent. Does even Elefront baking allows for it? Any other plugin that can do it?
Also, all layers created are black, assigning colours through DefineObjectAttributes assignes colours to objects while I would like to have colours assigned to layers and object’s colours set to bylayer.
This is how my settings currently looks like:

I have the same problem and question.

to add child layers its


you have some branching issues with the color, hard to tell from the image. Typical i like to have object - attribute branching grafted at the end.

You might want to use the Bake Layer component with your colors before hand.

or you can define the layer color there before putting it into the Define Attributes, vs Baking it.

It works!
Many thanks!


Cool, thanks!