Bad Display Performance

I am using Rhino 5 SR12 on a corporate PC. It just got impossible to use due to lagging after update to Windows 10. It pans/orbits very bad even when there is no object modeled. The video card is not a good one but it worked much better with Windows 8.1. I tried to follow all the instructions on the web and forum to increase the performance but it doesn’t work. The drivers are up to date. Any idea on how to fix it? Thanks in advance…

I am running on:
8 GB Ram
AND Radeon R5 M255

One more thing…:
The “wireframe” mode works ok as long as the Display Options>View>Display Modes>Pipeline is set to Windows.
So, the problem may be about OpenGL.
However, this option is not available for the other modes.

Sounds like an OpenGL issue and Amd has had many issues with openGL, but are you sure Rhino runs with OpenGL acceleration on? and is it faster if you turn it off? It’s under settings.

It seems like it fixes the issue. I just turned off the acceleration and it works fine for now. I didn’t know about this before. Many thanks Holo!

I will report here if it starts lagging again…