Backplate Image to align perspective?

Is there a way to set a fixed background image in perspektive view, maybe even to be able to change scale but that doesn’t move, as a modelling reference to set perspective. Want to export the screenshots or paths to Photoshop to retouch further…Thx for your ideas

totally forgot about Wallpaper option in viewport properties :smiley:

Would be really nice to be able to set the transparency/opacity of the Wallpaper.

The wallpaper is drawn behind everything else. What would you want it to blend with if it were transparent?

match the perspective of my design to work further in Photoshop

and find out which focal length when exif data is corrupt…

Hi @hannesgrebin, try _PerspectiveMatch in the viewport containing the wallpaper.

@pascal the workflow of this command really reminds me of old rhino days and has a lot of room for improvement. It would be very useful to make it work like blam.


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@clement thanks, never knew about it. but actually you can’t really move your object while command, which is a bit tedious (working with a space navigator) and it doesn’t match so well. For me it’s way faster to check the normal focal lenghts via Viewport properties… :slight_smile:

ah ok, so you want to blend it with the viewport background color; makes send.

Thanks Steve! Yes even cool for all internal renders to take over to post. Could you tell me why Keyshot is not able to match perspective from Rhino viewport as Bunkspeed was able to back in the days? Is this Rhinowise or duty of the Keyshot team? thanks Steve!

I don’t have any experience with KeyShot, but this does sound like something you might want to bring up with the KeyShot team.

Thanks a lot for clarifying @stevebaer

Hi Clement- Yep, I know - this command has not budged in years, And years.I am not sure what to do other than register the blam reference as a good model to look at when it gets attention - it’s just that I do not have a lot of hope that this will make it to the top of anyone’s list very soon, I’m afraid.



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