Picturefame position

I have a school project.
I was given a perspective view JPEG of a device and a STEP file of the device.
Is there a way to accurately match Rhino’s perspective viewport of the imported STEP to the perspective view of that JPEG (e.g., loaded as a pictureframe and viewed, in say, the front viewport)?

Hi Michael- you may want to look into adding the image as ‘wallpaper’ in ViewportProperties, in a perspective view. You can then try PerspectiveMatch- it may help some, or a lot if you are lucky, but the likelihood of the cameras actually matching is pretty small. Use the various view controls like DollyZoom, ZoomLens and PerspectiveAngle to fine tune. Don’t forget to save NamedView(s) when you start getting close.


Thanks, Pascal. NamedViews is one thing I am thankful for. I will try the other suggestions (a couple I haven’t heard of). I just wanted to be sure there wasn’t some special technique.

I hope your recovery is going well. I am an avid cyclist too. I know the problems too well of biking in traffic.