Can someone tell me where this background is? What controls it?

I’m rendering in V-Ray so I assumed it was the bitmap in Environment > GI (skylight) but that’s not it.

The shaded mode background is set to single color which wouldn’t account for the light at the top.

I have no lights in the scene, sun is off.

Any help is appreciated.

The background is a graphic and is loaded by V-Ray as a default. [This was changed in one of the last two SR’s. It used to be empty with either white & white or white & black. You now get a graphic.]

It is a studio HDR image used for lighting (GI) and reflections (background.) Turn it off by un-checking either option or replace it with your own map.

Thanks for the reply.
I assumed that’s what it was but it didn’t change when I set GI to Texacolor. It didn’t occur to me to change Reflection also.