Background printing issue w/ gradient

I brought this up on another thread but reposting. I have a gradient on a background, but the gradient repeats itself when I print a .jpg

How can this be fixed?

I saw something like this in the Mac WIP a while back.
Can you please post the file so we can try it here?

Also, EXACTLY, what commands are you running and how are you running them?


BackgroundExample.3dm (1.0 MB) Sorry, John I dropped the ball on this post but want to still work it out.
Here is the file for the cabinet.
You can see that I have a layout. In my display settings, it is a ghosted view the background is set to a gradient.
The display settings I am using are attached, too.
Thanks for your help.Ghosted (Vivier).ini (11.9 KB)

I found a pattern. If I print as an image and set as a web graphics or draft quality I get the proper gradient background. But when I try to set as a normal print quality (200 dpi), the gradient problem emerges, repeating the gradient. If I go up to 600 dpi, the gradient gets repeated a lot. I hope this helps solve the problem.
Draft quality or web graphics quality:

Set to normal print quality

Set to 600 dpi

Looks like the background is a bitmap which is created based on the printed window height at 100 dpi, and the background bitmap is tiled when the printed window height is increased by increasing the dpi.