Background gradient color with improperly banded tiled image


I’m trying to print high-resolution images, but the background gradient color repeats. It works only in low-resolution.

Can someone know why is this happen? Could someone help me to solve this problem?




Are you using the old “GradientView” command, or did you create your own working display mode with the gradient colors you want?

I would not be surprised if the former did not work and and latter did.

Hey John,
Thanks for the quick reply.

Both images are from shaded display mode; I just changed the background to “Gradient 2 Colors”. This happens when I print in higher resolution.

Please provide your specific settings and setup so we can try to reproduce the problem.

Also, run Rhino’s SystemInfo command and send those results too.


I am attaching:

  1. Print setup
  2. Display settings file
    Copy of Shaded.ini (13.9 KB)
  3. System info:
    system info.txt (3.0 KB)

Please let me know if you need further info.

So far, I am unable to get the improperly banded tiled image using your Shaded copy display mode and settings. I printed to both JPG and PNG.
My print preview and resulting image files did not show any banded tiling.

As a test, try disabling Lumion in Options > Plug-ins.
Close and restart Rhino and test again please.

Any difference?

I disabled Lumion and restarted Rhino but still getting the same banded tiled image :frowning:

The images you printed were in Printed high quality 300.0 dots/inch?

I suggest trying 7.14. I’ve broken and fixed this feature several times over the years.

Yes, I used 400x400 @ 300 dpi.
I was using an in-house SR15 build so Steve’s SR14 RC might do the trick.

I do recall fixing this recently; not sure if it was 7.14 or 7.15

Hey Steve I tried the 7.14 and it did not work neither, I will try the 7.15

Unfortunately, it did not fix it.
Thanks anyway.

I can email a link to the more risky in-house SR15 build to your gmail address if you want to take the risk.
Otherwise, when SR14 is released in a few weeks, SR15 will be the Service Release Candidate and not likely to have unexpected problems.

Your call.

Thank you a lot. I will wait a few weeks :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the fix - I posted about this issue a while back. I get the result only when I try to get 200dpi or better when exporting a jpg/png.