Rhino 8 print to image file: background not displayed correctly

I set up my display mode to rendered with a gradient as background.
It looks something like this:

Now when I want to print this viewport to an image file, the print dialogue shows the desired preview:

… but the actual image file alters the background including a strange kind of horizon line:

This happens in perspective viewports as well as in projections (here front view):

This is really annoying and severly limits the usefulness of the much improved Rhino8 rendered display mode as a quick and dirty, but still quite high quality vizualisation tool.

Or am I doing something wrong here?

Hi Norbert -

No, we have this issue on the list as RH-20508 Printing PDF or Image file repeats gradient background

Thanks, Wim.
good to know.

Just to let anybody who comes across this problem know: the gradiant can be substituted by an image file.
In my case this resolves the problem.